Bled for the Household Truth - Rogue Machine Theatre 2017 Season 10

Bled for the Household Truth - Rogue Machine Theatre 2017 Season 10

Reviews for 'bled for the household truth' and 'The Woman is Perfected'

a “timely exposé of what passes for human intimacy in the Digital Age” - LA Times

“Fowler’s aim… is less to shock us than to reacquaint us… with the very human complexity of aberrant and/or distasteful behavior. The production succeeds enormously. GO!” LA Weekly

“the darkest most disturbing and quite possibly the most compelling play in town… Those likely to get their knickers in a twist over bled for the household truth’s more shocking elements would probably do better seeking out G-rated fare this holiday season. The open-minded and open-hearted, on the other hand, can expect to find themselves riveted to the edges of their seats and moved to tears.” - Stage Scene LA

“The biggest part of the play's success… is from writer Ruth Fowler. Every bit of dialogue scratches closer to the truth, as unsettling yet necessary as it may be, in a natural progression. “ - Discover Hollywood

“Fowler’s play feels ripped right from the headlines… The writing is sharp and unsparing.” Stage and Cinema

“A gutsy new playwright…. dark but powerful and moving play” Total Theater

“a riveting, illuminating and discomfiting tale of emotionally stunted people and the games of sexual politics they play… Fowler's characters are full and round and flawed and sympathetic and horrifying all at the same time. Fowler's script, candid, pointed and timely, doesn't try to offer any comfort. It's a bleak story with oftentimes unlikable characters, but now is a better time than ever to face the demons that have thrived in the dark for so many generations even as they shock and shame us.”  Edge Media Network 

“you'll find critics evenly divided between bitter and sweet.  Nothing in between.  a deeply disturbing, intimate, sympathetic and touching portrait of seriously damaged souls trying very, very had to heal themselves.” - Night Tinted Glasses, Best of 2017 roundup 

“an emotional rollercoaster of the soul” Night Tinted Glasses

"The lead actors are brilliant! Can't recall ever seeing a play like this before. It is one of our FEATURED events. GO!" - Performing Arts LIVE