Ruth Iorio Fowler

Ruth is a vastly underpaid and under appreciated writer/photographer/filmmaker who was once described by a critic as “no Edward Albee”. Welsh born she is sadly now on the cusp of becoming yet another white asshole American. Ruth lives in San Pedro because she can’t afford Venice and writes fucked up dramas for British TV as Americans won’t employ her (probably because she’s “no Edward Albee”). She keeps the name Iorio in order to piss off her ex-husband but can’t quite bear to put Fowler to bed even though Ruth Fowler was a character in a bad British soap opera. Ruth’s play ‘bled for the household truth’ premiered at Rogue Machine Theatre and failed to make any impact whatsoever. ‘The Woman is Perfected’ premiered at The Broadwater in LA and even her Mum didn’t see it. She just wrote a shit play to appease the masses and people love it which is depressing. It will probably win a Pulitzer.

Ruth shoots on film because she cannot afford a Sony A7Riii.

If you want the self-promotional bullshit, read on:

"Ruth Fowler is a very important playwright and we are very lucky to have her in Los Angeles. Her voice is raw, fearless, blunt, unedited, dangerous and passionate. No one is writing about what she writes about."

- Director Cameron Watson

Ruth Iorio (aka Ruth Fowler) is a Welsh filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, journalist and photographer living between London and Los Angeles. 

Ruth writes screenplays, plays, journalism and literature under the name Ruth Fowler. Her play 'bled for the household truth' received its world premiere at LA's highly acclaimed, award winning Rogue Machine Theatre in 2017 and ran for three months. The play received two Stage Raw Award nominations and was named as one of the best world premieres of the season by Stage Scene LA. 'The Woman is Perfected' premiered at The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 at The Broadwater LA and was chosen as 'Pick of the Fringe' and 'The Best of Broadwater'. Ruth was recently appointed as a Max. K. Lerner Playwriting Fellow by Inkwell Theatre and her play, 'chickenheads' was workshopped there in the fall of 2018. ‘chickenheads’ is being developed as part of the 2019 'Inkubator' playwriting lab at Skylight Theatre. She is a proud member of Antaeus Theatre’s Playwrights Lab, The Dramatists Guild, the NNPX, PEN and the WGA West.

Ruth has written over fourteen scripts for TV & Film and has been commissioned by Faber Pictures, The Forge, Ruby Pictures, Channel 4, Film 4, BBC1, Sky and Cuba Pictures. She is currently in post on a documentary project about older ballet dancers and in pre-production for a short film she is directing entitled 'Pig'. 

Ruth was the recipient of a Leica scholarship to the Palm Springs Photo Festival in 2017, and won Best Picture Story for her work on Vegan Activists in the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles' 'Exposures in Journalism' competition 2018. She was recently honored a Stiefler-Dockweiler award for photography by Santa Monica College. Her photography and journalism has appeared in The LA Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Marie Claire, Wired, Elle, Al Jazeera, The Observer and more. Ruth recently exhibited at The Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. She is a registered member of the Press Photographer's Association (PPA) and the PPAGLA, and shoots both stills and moving image for clients as diverse as the BBC, Alvin Ailey and more (see under ‘cinematography’).

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